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Life can be very stressful with long days in the office and lots of family commitments taking up all of your time. While this is very true you could also be feeling stressed due to the amount of cell phone usage. EMF radiation has many symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, and dizziness which is why cell phone radiation protection is essential.

EMF Studies

Studies have indicated that electromagnetic (EMF) waves have a significant physical effect on our cognitive and non-cognitive behaviors. The degree of effect will depend on the frequency of the EMF’s and the amount of time that is spend using mobile devices. Non-ionizing radiation that is found in EMF radiation can alter our neurotransmitters and neuro hormones which can have so many negative effects on out body—something that can be eased with the use of EMF Protection.

Causes of Stress

As we pointed out earlier, stress can be caused by work and home commitments but other factors can influence our stress levels. We feel stressed when our body produces a surge of hormones which can temporarily raise blood pressure. If we are constantly feeling stressed then blood pressure is at a consistency high level. When using EMF radiation our body experiences this stress which can lead to long-term health problems.

Vortex BioShield® Cell Phone Radiation Protection

If you want to protect yourself from harmful EMF radiation then you should invest in Vortex BioShield® EMF Cell Phone Radiation Protection. The harmonizing technology used in a Vortex BioShield®EMF cell phone radiation protection products use a Sympathetic Resonance phenomenon. This process supports your body’s natural aura to diffuse harmful radiation.

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