Common EMF Symptoms

EMF Affects Various People many different ways- from hardly noticeble to the full blown physical pain that makes imposible for them to use the phone. Age, Heath condition, and exposure time – all make difference in the syptoms of the EMF radiation on individual.


The biological effects from exposure to EMF/EMR include both adverse health effects and loss of homeostasis and well-being. Symptoms vary from patient to patient depending on their physical biology and exposure intensity and duration. Symptoms quickly improve when away from EMF/EMR sources, particularly when the patient moves away from computers, fluorescent lighting, transformers, wireless antenna, cell and cordless phones, appliances and out of proximity to cell phone towers, electrical substations and power lines. All these are potential sources of higher than normal EMF/EMR exposure. Symptoms recur on returning to the irradiated environment. Over time, sensitivity is increased to smaller and smaller EMF/EMR exposures. (Sage, 2001)

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