How It Works

About Vortex Bioshield

How EMF Protection Works

Inside Each Vortex BioShield is a combination of specially selected and treated minerals, crystals and metals.

Crystals—(specifically the ones we use)—are coherent enough with the human body to be conductive of bio-photons,a phenomenona of stable coherent light particles contained within the DNA. Most crystals have molecules with a structure that enables them to maintain a consistent and stable base frequency has been proven through documented, peer-reviewed scientific research to effect environmental phenomena.

5G EMF Frequencies

Electronics release harmful EMF frequencies into your energy field.

Quartz Crystals

We add quartz crystals to our products to increase organic aura.

What makes us different

Why choose Vortex Bioshield?

With our BioShield we have created a product where we specially select each component based on the measurable frequencies it carries and whether those frequencies are known to be healthy.

Recent documented scientific studies have shown that certain types of crystalline structures, specifically specially treated crystals that have the capability of conducting photon particles, are proven to transform low levels of radiation from harmful to harmless.

What these studies concluded is that something about the structure of photon-conductive crystals blocks the harmful elements within radiation while at the same time allowing frequencies to pass through. This structure actually causes these same frequencies to transform and lessen in power.

Energy Conversion

These crystals convert harmful EMF frequencies into harmonic energy.

Improved Aura

Attaching our products to your electronics neutralizes the frequencies and protects you.

Have any other questions?

Please Reach out to us!

If you have any other inquiries or comments about our products, please reach out to us! We will respond in a timely manner to your message and do our best to help out.

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