Test and Results

Test And Results

Vibrate higher live better!

TransViber® is a device that uses crystal frequencies to transforms surrounding EMF vibrations into harmonic vibrations.

VortexBioShield®  is a model of TransViber® with regular strength designed to be used for all type of cell phones sizes including iPhone 4, 5 and 6’s.

We created a new stronger SuperVortexBioShield TransViber® for Super Phones – devices like iPhone 6+, Samsung 3000, Kindles, and full-size tablets Tablets,

The LapTopShield is designed for harmonizing EMF of laptops and desktops.

The performance and efficiency of the TransViber® are demonstrated by the conclusive tests. We use tests that show a real difference in the living tissue or organs when harmonizer is used. For this, we use tests that can detect the actual difference on the user before and after, see below. The reason we decided to do it this way is that at there is a significant difference between a person and probe of a Gauss Meter.

So instead of measuring a change in EMF from the cell phone or a laptop, we observe the actual difference in the body’s stress levels as its responses to the EMF field created by the transmitter in one’s communication device. This EMF is a created by the transmitter in your device when sending a signal. This signal is directed to all directions – just as a ball of EM energy with communication frequencies.

When the body energy field ( natural Aura) is intruded by EMF from a communication device (artificial EMF), it causes stress on cells and organs because they try to compensate and fight artificial EMF and still perform functions they must perform for functionality. This stress effect has a cumulative and irreversible effect.

The stress levels can be checked on any biofeedback machine which will show a significant stress that Wi-Fi device causes when compare before and after tables.

We realize that in today world one can not really function without laptops and cell phones, unless of course somebody does it for you, and with our devices, we try to introduce a safer alternative to use electronics.

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