Methodology Of Testing

Methodology of testing must consider a uniqueness of this device. HOW does one measure something that is not scientifically accepted yet, but has always been there? For instance, how does one measure wetness if they live in water?

SIMILARLY, we not only live in a world of frequencies but we are comprised of many frequencies on finite levels, we are nothing but an energy smoke – a field of energy which uniquely represents each one of us.

WE ARE ENERGY, and as such we have some frequencies that support our energies (LOVE) and some that destroy (hate).

OUR devices carry a HARMONIC, LOVE frequencies and bring you strength and protection when non-harmonic, hate energies try to bring us down.

They are a  result of long and intensive search for EMF harmonizing/neutralizing  materials that contain inherit EMF frequencies, they are certain crystals and semiprecious stones, mix metals and minerals , later we use a frequency infusion method for out products. Soon after conception, we were able to use approved diagnostic devices to test and prove that it completely removes EMF stress from electronic devices. We believe that our EMF protectors transform EMF into the frequencies that are harmonic for DNA and increases Life Energy Chi (Qui). We call our device a TransViber because it converts harmful frequencies into harmonic Changing Vibrations – TransVibering. This is one of those instances that amount of crystal mix matters, so our devices come in 3 general sizes: for cell phones, tablets and laptops we also infuse natural stones with energy harmonizing frequencies for people who want to stay balance when they out and about during the day.

We can see the energetic changes that occur on a person’s Aura (the aura gets larger and denser) when using our EMF protectors, this made possible by the use of Kirlian photography and now it is perfected into Kirlian Video, this will be considered a qualitative change. For quantitative change we use a biofeedback machines. It is also clearly visible in the results of a biofeedback machine SAT –  Stress Analysis Test which shows complete removal of stress caused by EMF).

Our tests and observations are from actual cell phone users, by using FDA approved diagnostic tools to measure the body’s stress levels, showing direct reaction and results. All tests show a positive effect when using our products or 99% removal of the stress caused by EMF. The Bio Shield even promotes healthy growth in plants.

It is also very important to note that all these tests can be recreated by anyone who has a negative ion tester, Biometridian machine, infrared camera, Kirlian camera or a simple pendulum.

When displaying the efficiency of the cell phone protectors, different techniques are used. Most popular is the reflexology muscle-test (kinesiology) – a very useful tool for people who have used the technique for some time and know what they doing, however it can be misleading for persons never used the technique – as a result it could be inconclusive and misleading for people not familiar with this technique. That is why we do not use this technique as a proof, however when used it will proof positive.

The other technique employs electromagnetic field meter, which measures a radiation resistance of case itself, however the human body can not be compared to the tip of the Gauss meter – the human body has its own energy field that gets effected by electronic devices. When attacked by the Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) human body tries to compensate for the offense because the artificial electromagnetic field interferes with the persons natural bio field causing stress to body systems and poor performance by stressing every cell, organ, system … the effect is accumulative and irreversible.

For this reason we employ tests and observations from actual cell phone users, testing their reactions, We are also using FDA approved diagnostic tools to measure the body stress levels or the difference in human stress levels. We use these techniques to test efficiency of our devices because they show direct results – and all this tests show a positive effect when using our products. It is also very important to know that all this tests can be recreated by anybody who has a negative ion tester, Biomeridian machine, infrared camera, Kirlian camera or a pendulum.

Many people with electro hypersensitivity actually feel pain/discomfort when using a cell phone or other wireless devices. We have many sensational testimonials from people who use the TransViber regularly. These people can feel the drastic difference just by tuning into their senses.

EMF Radiation affects can be compared to the effects of unwanted drug. Just like alcohol or nicotine, the negative effect depends on how often one uses them, age, weight and overall health condition.

Point is: EMF effects you even if you don’t consciously feel it or know it.

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