Testing Methods


Our long journey provided us with opportunity to meet different people with different background and level of awareness. 

We attended many wellness shows where one can meet people that are more “advanced” in there paths and have higher sensitivity levels and understanding of the reality around us.

It is fascinating to watch what reasoning people use to check if our EMF Harmonizers work.

Here are some of the techniques they like to use:

1 Feeling the energy : when one hold it in his arms and waits for the feeling from it.

2. Dousing: using pendulums or wires to detect the kind of energy the item has.

3. Infrared photography, where you can notice a smallest change in the temperature when harmonizer is used.

4. Aura photography – where a special camera is used to make an image of the energy shield around the person and comparing before and after pictures.

5. 13 different organ stress levels using biofeedback machine for comparing stress levels before and after using the EMF Harmonizer.

6. Blood test under the microscope.

7. EEG test comparing before and after

8. EKG  comparing before and after test pictures.

9. Sprouting tests – growing some seeds with and without harmonizers.

 We have done all tests with every one who wanted to test out product and we have results. Please see test and results page 

Over the years we meet many wonderful people, we made many friends. 

We want to thank everybody for you support since 2006.

Thank you!

VortexBioShield Team

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