Pets TransViber® / Key Fob Quantum EMF Protectors For Pets & Key BLUE

$24.99 $9.99

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Product Description

 Announcing our Transviber technology for pets and your pocket!

We are developing fresh technology to protect EVERY living thing in your household from EMF radiation! Attach to your dog’s or cat’s collar, or put it on your keychain to neutralize electromagnetic frequencies.

When you protect your pets with Vortex BioShield products, you are giving your four-legged family members the opportunity to be healthy, allowing them to flourish and live longer in a whole new way never before available. They do us such a huge service by bringing joy and beauty into our lives, here is an amazing opportunity to return that service.

We can’t get away from technology easily, and we’re always surrounded by wireless and radiation. Your dog or cat will forgive you for being in a world with so much technological noise. You’ll notice a difference in your pet’s overall comfort level. Send us your testimonial to report what you observe differently with your beloved animal after using the Bio-Pet-Shield.

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