Quantum Infused Natural Malachite Necklace EMF Neutralizer

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Product Description

54 New Product – QuantumEMF Infused Natural Malachite Necklace
Ground Breaking New Quantum EMF Harmonizing Jewelry EMF Protectors.
EMF Jewelry Neutralizes, Supports and Maintains High Energy Field
– The Quantum EMF Jewelry Supports and Maintains Users Energetic Body 
– All Quantum Jewelry pieces selected to be simple in design to be worn in any occasion 
– Protects From EMF Radiation from all laptops, desktops, baby monitors, modems & routers
– All EMF Jewelry is EMF Transforming Device – Transviber®
– Employs Sympathetic Resonance Phenomenon
– Neutralizes Negative Effects of EMF Radiationby Increasing Users Energy Field
– Completely Removes Stress Caused by EMF
– Keeps area around modem free from EMF fog
– Provides Complete Stress reduction for users working next to the modems or router.
– Increases Aura Field and Density- See Before and After Aura pictures
– Blocks Stress From EMF Radiation – See Before and After Biofeedback Stress Test 
– Does NOT Interferes Phone signal
– No Batteries, Diodes, Chargers
– Can be worn everywhere
– Restores Energetic Balance 
– Available in bracelets, pendants, anklets and necklaces 
– Larger pieces are intended for more protection and larger people or people seeking for more protection should ware larger pieces.
Quantum EMF Jewelry–Quantum Radiation Neutralizer EMF Protector.
Simple very inexpensive jewelry pieces designed to go with everything. In everyday setting will keep you balanced from sources like laptop, desktop, modem and other EMF sources that may be around you.
Contains crystals and minerals bound in the solid state, there are no moving parts. The shape is designed to have a maximum skin contact for high efficiency, when the cell phone is in use. 
Special crystals resonate with energy field and by the effect of Sympathetic Resonance Phenomenon the increases your energy and keeps you balanced.


                         Before                       And                                After

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When body is energized I with high Life (Chi) Energy it can easily repel negative vibrations from outside.This High energy created by Vortex BIoShield® eliminates the stress caused by EMF radiation from cell phones.



Biofeedback stress test result from 

Biofeedback machine Stress Test

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Quantum EMF Jewelry Aura Test 


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