Vortex BioShield®’s quantum crystal technology makes our EMF protection jewelry the best on the market. Protect yourself from EMF radiation and maintain high energy levels by using beautiful Silver Heart Crystal Pendent

If you are surrounded by technology, which, let’s face it most of us are, then you may be familiar with symptoms of EMF radiation, such as nausea, headaches, and insomnia. If you have had enough of feeling poorly then Vortex BioShield® may be the answer to your problems.

Besides our main Quantum EMF Radiation Protectors for cellphones and Laptops we have have developed a Quantum EMF Protection Jewelry line that is designed to keep you balanced at all times, meaning your aura is protected no matter where you go where you can be exposed to unknown source.

Special process designed a range of Quantum EMF Protection Jewelry that works with your body’s natural energy field, otherwise known as your aura, to counter EMF radiation by changing them to useful harmonic frequencies that energize instead of damage aura. Transviber® technology has been tested and is enjoyed by many who is sensitive to EMF radiation.

Quantum EMF protection jewelry, including our latest EMF protection necklace, is designed to be worn at any time of the day and comes in a fashionable range of colors and designs. You simply need to wear your necklace when you are out and about and see your symptoms reduce within days of wearing it.

The quantum crystal technology can eliminate the stress caused by EMF/EMR when it is exposed to mobile devices, cell phones, and other technology. This not interrupt your phone signals and there is no need for batteries or charges—it is all natural. A Sympathetic Resonance Phenomenon is at the heart of our jewelry as the crystals in the jewelry become in sync with your body to respond to the external vibrations of EMF radiation.

Larger pieces of jewelry are intended to give more protection and for larger people who need a bigger crystal to optimize protection. As well as pendant necklaces we have a wide range of ankle bracelets, bracelets, and necklaces as well as cell phone shields and laptop protectors. Whatever technology you are using, make sure that you use it in a safe way and keep your health at the heart of everything that you do.

If you are striving for balance in your life then the Vortex BioShield® silver heart with crystals pendant can offer you a new lease of life. Our products are easy to wear, reliable, safe, and very cost effective, so what are you waiting for?

Vibrate Higher, Feel Better with Quantum EMF Protectors.

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