You probably are already aware that cell phone radiations are harmful. But you never really realize that your iPad and Tablets are equally harmful. The intensity of the harm caused to your body is cumulative and causes chronic illness!


How is radiation harmful to your body?

EMF radiation released by your iPad and Tablets causes horrifying health conditions starting from minor headaches and insomnia to major health conditions like infertility, developmental problems in your children, Gene and protein expression, DNA ,Stress response, Compromised Immune function, Melatonin production issues, Alzheimer’s Disease and Childhood obesity in your children.

But don’t panic!

You don’t have to entirely give away your iPad and Tablets to protect yourself and your family against the unsafe radiation.

How to protect your family from the radiation emitted by your iPad and Tablets?

Thankfully there are some products in the market that shield your body from the radiation. I have listed down the best products available and why they are the best ones. Whichever you choose make sure it’s scientifically tested and effectively reduces the risk of radiation.

Let’s begin

What to look for in the product?

Before you click on the BUY NOW button make sure you go through the following:

  1. Durability and performance rating
  2. Customer reviews
  3. Quantity check
  4. Effectiveness ( how much radiation can it block)
  5. Price range

I have jotted down a few products which I truly believe are effective and satisfy the criteria.

#Number 1

Vortex Bioshield iPad and Tablet EMF Protection Cases

Quality and Structure: This is the best iPad and tablet EMF protection case is with of great quality. The outer part is strong and the inner part is soft and protective. It has 4 clips at the corners. The tablet stays inside!

EMF test: In my personal testing, the Vortex Bioshield provided by the case blocked all the different types of EMF radiation. You are safe even if the radiation emitted is extremely high levels.


Radiation is blocked from both sides of the tablet. That is it blocks it from both bottom of the case and the top

Price: the price is low compared to the high quality material

#Number 2

Safe Sleeve Anti-Radiation iPad and Tablet Cases

Quality and Structure:

Great quality product. Very similar in structure to the Vortex Bioshield and Tablet EMF Protection Case. The main difference is the closure mechanism. They use elastic bands instead of the magnetic clasp used in the previous one.


The EMF protection materials are built right into the case. They won’t allow any leak so the EMF radiation is cut off from the source itself. They use a lead free anti radiation material along with a micro fiber line to maximize the EMF protection shield.

Price: the price is low and reasonable

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