Cell Phone EMF Radiation – Best Protection Methods

Apr 30, 2021

Too much of a good thing can’t be good – We are in need of EMF radiation protection – almost anywhere everywhere we go we are being affected by Wi-Fi from DSLs, routers, smarts phones,  smart meters, electrical appliances or even when just relaxing in the coffee shop we are surrounded by multiple  Wi-Fi devices around you. Everyone needs EMF radiation protection but not clear what is the best way to protect from EMF or which EMF protector to use. Let’s look at methods and types of EMF radiation protection:

The reality is that you cannot eliminate the EMF because this is how the cell phones communicate with each other, so if you are using any Wi-Fi device then you are getting exposed to the negative effects of the EMF. So there are two methods left:

  1. Limit the exposure to Wi-Fi
  2. Choose the EMF Radiation Protectors that really protect.


  1. Limit the exposure to Wi-Fi
  • Keep your cell phone away from you
  • Use only when you need to
  • Use a speaker
  • Keep the conversation short, try to use text
  • When watching video place your device on the stand
  • Do not carry your cell phone in your pants next to the family jewels.
  • Keep it on the nightstand.


The negative effects of EMF radiation could be harmful. Why? Because cell phone technology uses microwave frequencies and just like a microwave stove it cooks, on the outside, slowly. The process is accumulative and irreversible. More of this energy will damage more. This may cause direct or indirect damage  please see below

These microwave frequencies from Wi-Fi devices affect everybody.  Young and healthy people less sensitive to the negative effects of  EMF because they are stronger than older Wi-Fi users that usually more sensitive and prefer to be safe and avoid unnecessary exposure to the electromagnetic field. The EMF radiation creates fatigue of one or more body systems which can create symptoms like headage, dizziness,  memory loss, and so on.

For small kids get more exposure when they use the same phone just because they are smaller in size

  1. Choose the EMF Radiation Protectors that Really Protects. Kinesiology test.


Because EMF radiation causes stress it is quite simple to find out if the radiation protector works. All you need is to run a stress test on one of many biofeedback machines.


Meridian Stress Assessment (MSA) is used to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of a person’s energetic health and balance. This process involves measuring electrical conductivity at responsive points (meridian points) on the skin – typically on the hands and feet. Body systems tested are skin, nervous, locomotor, respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, pancreas, liver/CB, urological, blood, lymph/drainage, metabolism, endocrine, and immune systems, a total of 13.


Below you see a typical test result for the EMF Radiation protector that works. This test is done for the VortexBioShield Brand Harmonizing EMF Radiation Protectors.


On the left is a pertest – stress levels (no phone, no protector)

In the middle, the test subject is using the phone

And on the right, the subject added a VortexBioShield EMF Radiation Protector to the iPhone

The MSA Stress Test is the best way to find out if your EMF protector really works. Most of the cure stickers do not do anything and they get away because people do not know how to check the “protector”, it is usually a cut from the mylar from the old monitor screen protectors and if they drop the radiation it is only behind that circle. Don let them fool you twice. Test them and return them if they do not show stress reduction.

They offer sunglasses and clam skin protection, silly ha?


We hope this is helpful to validate their EMF Protectors.

Please test the brand you like, however, we recommend EMF Radiation protectors from VortexBioShied® EMF radiation protectors because they contain natural crystals, they are Made in the USA and consistently show complete removal of the stress and negative effect of EMF radiation on the user.

One can also do the kinesiology test, usually, it is a doctor or chiropractor, who practices kinesiology and they can see the real change in the muscle response when Quantum EMF protector is used.


Natural Crystals in the  VortexBioShield® EMF Harmonising Radiation protectors harmonize frequencies and boost users energies, see test results when protector Please visit VortexBioShield.com or check out   Amazon listing.

VortexBioShield® EMF cell protection shields are elegantly designed and are easy to fit on to your cell.



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