Cell phones use microwave frequency to communicate. They called cellular because each tower represents a cell and all phones in the area communicate through this tower in that cell.

Everyone knows that a microwave oven not only will warm up the food, but it will also cook it. During cooking proteins in the food will bond or coagulate. For instance: if you cook egg whites they will turn white from clear and transparent. This is an irreversible process and the technical term is denaturing the proteins in food.

And because your phone uses a very light version of microwave energy it is still capable to harm the user. Not only do cell phones use this technology but your laptop, tablet, modem, booster, and TV’s all create a new EMF field around the user. And because the Wi-Fi became popular recently the side effects are not really clear.

Aura is a energy field around human body, if you Google it you will see that it has size, color, density and some people can tell thing about the person looking at someone’s aura. There are devices that can show the aura in the photo they take. It looks like an energy cocoon around the person that keeps you safe. Is said that aura is a summated energy field of all the energies in the molecules of the body. That is why in a healthy young person you can see solid, dense and large aura and in the person with some illness the edge of the field near the challenged organ is little thinner or absent.

We want to bring your attention to the EMF radiation protectors that are energetic devices. They are called orgonite. The Austrian Dr. Wilhelm Reich invented Orgon (from orgasm) in 1930, he used various materials: metals, wood, crystals and minerals bounded into the energy producing mix. Later researches showed that this energy closely associated with sexual or life force energy that brings vitality.

Recently developed advanced orgonite EMF radiation protectors from VortexBioShield.com have real positive effects on users. Lab tests show complete removal of the negative effects from the Wi-Fi devices. These devices use pure quartz microcrystals that carry proprietary anti EMF radiation frequencies.

Please do not confuse with the orgonite made from random materials, aware that some of the minerals, especially of volcanic origin may contain some radiation and bring unwanted effects.

It should be said that an EMF meter will not detect the change in the reading, because the orgonite works with the users energy field, it does not reduce the radiation from the source. Incidentally if anyone claims that their device “reduces 96%” than all you will have is a static in your phone and wouldn’t be able to use your phone (96% signal will be lost!).

However if you use a biofeedback machine and run a stress test you will be able to see complete removal of the stress caused by EMF radiation.

Before you choose your PROTECTOR be sure to see what is used to justify the effectiveness of the device. Vibrate and Prosper!

Check out Quantum EMF Radiation Protectors for all Cell Phones, for Laptops, Tablets and Kindles and EMF Protection Jewelry.

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