With an increasing amount of research into the effects of using technology on the body, talk of EMF protection is a hot topic. Ranging from cell phone shields and laptop shields, to brackets and wearable devices, there is EMF protection out there for everyone.

What are EMFs?

Radiation is all around us, whether that be in electronic devices, power lines or cell phones. As we become more aware of the effects of EMFs (electromagnetic force) we are increasingly looking for EMF protection products. EMFs are signals that are sent from the mobile devices that we use, such as our cell phone. They are invisible as they leave our devices and reach the cell towers, but they are doing real harm to out bodies.

Protecting Against EMFs

Education is needed to ensure that everyone understands the impacts that radiation has on our body. From simple side effects such as nausea and dizziness to cancer and heart disease, radiation damage from cell phone cannot be ignored. You can never completely stop synthetic EMFs entering your body, but your body can tolerate small amounts of radiation before it will begin to feel t


Vortex BioShield® has a range of mobile phone shields to fit different phone styles, including Samsung and Apple and you must choose the right style of shield to fit your phone. Prior to using cell phone shields, people used stickers that attached to their phone to try and block out EMFs, but these proved to me ineffective. The unique harmonizing crystals in Vortex BioShield® products work with your body to fight off radiation before symptoms take effect.

There are many different brands of EMF protection on the market.

One of the best ways to decide on what EMF protection to buy is to ask people for recommendations. Through reviews and testimonials you can gauge what works for others to give you an idea of the best products for you.

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