The first thing we tend to do on waking up is to check the cell phone messages. But how many times have we thought of how harmful cell phones can be for our kids? As parents, we tend to give our children everything, best; but often we tend to give them a poisonous fruit to eat.

The modern world has given our children an end number of things like computers, laptops, television, cell phones. While the others have other hazardous effects on children, the cell phone is the concern of our present write-up.

Research published by the World Health Organization (WHO), says the following:

  • Cell phone usage is ubiquitous with an anticipated 6.9 billion subscriptions n a global level.
  • The electromagnetic fields created by these devices are characterized by an international cancer research center namely, International Agency for Research on Cancer as maybe; carcinogenic to humans.
  • Studies are enduring to more fully evaluate the probable long-term effects of the usage of cell phones.
  • WHO had conducted an official risk evaluation of all of the studied health outcomes from RF fields exposure in the year, 2016.

Children can be affected by serious health hazards and hence you would need something to save your children like Cellphone Radiation Shield.

Some of these hazards are given here below:

  • To begin with, diseases as simple as Headaches and earaches can hamper your child’s daily activities.
  • Your child might complain of Pressure or tingling in his/her head
  • Sometimes the child might have distortion or impairment of vision or some other considerable eye problem.
  • Memory loss is also possible including low power to remember

Other involve even more dangerous conditions such as

  • Alteration of DNA and there is a lasting damage to the health
  • The brain tumor is also another possibility.
  • Stern shifts in the child’s brain’s electrical actions

To protect your child from the harmful effects of cell phone radiation, you should get a cellphone radiation shield. Having said all of the above, a cell phone radiation shield is an innovative product that is connected to your cell phone. This helps in lowering down the harmful radiation to a minimal stature and consequently makes sure, a secure milieu for your children.

Vortex Bioshield provides good value EMF Protection Products solution which is fashioned with exceptional material which is enduringly fixed with unambiguous signals or frequencies that are intended to interact and then change the quality of the electromagnetic field that is discharged from your cell phones. Summarizing, this shield changes the high-level electromagnetic signals to low-level ones that are feeble enough and consequently does not adversely affect your healthiness.

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