EMF Radiation emitted from the laptop can cause great harm to one’s health and is quite a burning issue to be concerned about. Now, we all know that we cannot do without a laptop, especially those of us who work from home. I recently came across a relative who was suffering from Leukemia as a result of high exposure to laptop radiation. Pretty scary huh? Well, it freaked me out too!

So many times have I watched movies keeping the laptop on my chest while lying on the bed. Had I known better, I’d sure avoid doing that.

Having said that, did you guys know that Laptops emit two different types of harmful radiation? Well, it does! What are they?

Hmmm… here they are, judge for yourselves, which requires Laptop Radiation EMF Protection:

  • The first type is the non-ionizing radiation which although is not well thought-out as hazardous to humans, it is as long as the affected person has been delivered in stumpy doses and for petite. This type of radiation is inclusive of the two radiations, namely; radio frequency (RF) as well as extremely low frequency (ELF).
  • The second type of radiation is the Ionizing radiation which is way more hazardous than the aforementioned one, in the form that is found in the X-rays, gamma rays, as well as Ultraviolet rays. This may rightly be considered as high-energy radiation.


EMF radiation emitted by the laptops also produce heat, which is horribly dangerous. In case you keep your laptop straightaway on your skin, you risk your skin to be burned, or cause irritating rashes on the skin.

A type of heating is particularly linked to laptop use and is referred to as, “toasted skin syndrome’. This can usually cause lasting discoloration of your skin. Bad, huh? Stop keeping that laptop on your skin, may be?

I came across a study by Reuters, which in 2010 reported that this darned heat could adversely affect male fertility. These guys also said that a research performed in which men who had the habit of placing laptops on their knees ended up with scrotums heated to high temperature which is measured as unsafe for sperm, if it is between 10 minutes to 15 minutes.


Moral of the story? Stop Putting That Lappy Of Yours Close To The Skin! On the farewell note if you guys are looking for Laptop Radiation EMF Protection in a fair price, do peek into the Vortex Bioshield. These guys have really cool products to help out.

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