Technology has changed the dynamics of almost every industry and also influenced our daily life. Smartphone’s have been the most amazing invention and technology applications so0 far. The device that started with the aim connect people has become a requisite need of almost every individual.

Whether it is to communicate with each other or know what’s happening around the world this small device can do anything you ask. But unfortunately, just like everything, these mobile phones are not perfect. With all endless benefits, this palm fitted gadget also invites potential damage to the human body. The radiation released by the mobile phone is proven to be dangerous for human beings using or present nearby.

With the help of this article, we will be telling the harmful effect of the mobile phones human body and how you can avoid them.

How Mobile phones harm your body?

While talking about the human body, the mobile phones are majorly dangerous for the human brain. The smartphones that we use on a daily basis use particular frequency radiation to transmit and receive signal.

These frequency signals help smartphones to perform efficiently and connect with the world. But, it is true that these traditions are very harmful to human brain whenever you hold the phone just to talk with others or listing to anything near your ear it emits the radiations. These emitted traditions enter your brain affect the specific part fo your brain, and researchers have shown that these radiations damage the human brain very slowly.

Even the World Health Organization has classified the radiofrequency electromagnetic radiations/field emitted from wireless phone under group 2 B-carcinogen category. Due to this, many countries have introduced health-related precautions and laws for the smartphone and telecom companies.

What are the effects EMF on the human body?

These emitted radiations are very strong and directly hit the sensitive part of our brain, causing us harm. The effect of the mobile phone radiation product can be noticed with the symptoms like headache. On e day you could be feeling a very strong headache without getting exhausted or anything. It is most probable that this is due to the radiation from your smartphone. The other effect of the traditions is feeling dizzy or sudden increment in the glucose of the body part exposed to the radiation.

How To Avoid the EMF affect?

Nowadays, it is impossible to limit or eliminate the use of smartphones, so it is better to take precautions while using them. These precautions will help you in saving yourself from the harmful radiations of the smartphones. First, try to cover the backside of your phone with a thick cover so, the emitted radiations can be emitted, or it is absorbed by the cover.

The other thing you can do it using the earphones or using earbuds to avoid direct contact with the phone. Along with this, you can find a number of mobile phone radiation product in the market to assure your safety.

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