You might have heard of negative ions in the news recently. In today’s radiation saturated world negative ions are a happy trendy solution!

So what are negative ions? Why are they in the news recently?

Negative ions are electrically charged particles that are created when an atom gains or loses an electron. They are popular for providing a plethora of rare health benefits such as:

  • They boost mood thereby alleviating depression.
  • Reduces stress
  • Improve cognitive function
  • Helps insomnia patients sleep better

Negative ions drastically increases the amount of oxygen reaching the brain. Its equivalent to taking a deep breath of fresh air in the tropical amazon mountains while still being amidst the busy city life.

It’s an extremely interesting way of improving your life.

So now what are negative ion bracelets made of?

The most common substance used is tourmaline, which is an extremely powerful mineral. Some other rare materials such as titanium, germanium, zeolite are also used.

Nonetheless, the most common and powerful mineral is black tourmaline.

Tourmaline has been proven to create its own electrical charge, conjointly with small amounts of far infrared radiation. Hence Its ability to produce negative ions is well established.

Why do you need the bracelet if tourmaline can itself produce negative ions?

Tourmaline does not produce large quantities of negative ions by itself.

It requires a stimulation- the mineral must be heated continuously or kept under high pressure.

The EMF Protection bracelet or negative ion bracelet absorbs the heat produced by the wrist and helps in generating high amounts of negative ions. This is done through the process of pyroelectric effect.

What to look for while selecting a suitable negative ion bracelet?

  • Ability to consistently produce negative ions
  • Price
  • Quality
  • Reviews of other users.

After extensive research and experiments I have shortlisted these products for you as they provide the best results:

  1. Quanthor EMF Protection Bracelet
  2. Hi Treasure Tourmaline Bead Negative Ion Bracelet
  3. Spirit-T Germanium and Tourmaline Negative Ion Bracelet
  4. Hi Treasure Stretch Tourmaline Unisex Negative Ion Bracelet
  5. Negative Ion Bracelet By Infinity Pro.
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