Can a necklace save you from cellphone radiation? Although, cellphone companies have researches neglecting any harmful of radiation effect on the human body.

In current scenario when mobile phones and related services are a big part of any country’s economy, it is a difficult task to scratch the truth. There is a raging tug-of-war between mobile companies and opposing researches.

Are You Really Affected by Cellphone Radiations?

No matter how severe is discussion regarding effects of cellphone and communication devices radiations is, humans don’t feel the presence of mobile radiation around them. But for some people the case is different, there is a certain group of people with has hypersensitivity to mobile phone radiation. Struggling with mobile phone radiation has become a part of their day to day life.

Recent Studies– National Toxicology program conducted experiments on a group of rats exposed to cellphone radiation, results show chances of brain tumors increased in mice who are exposed daily to cellphone radiation.

Research shows that the radiation might be harmful for the kids and teens using cellphone from small age, as due to long exposure to radiation.

What a necklace does?

Anti-radiation necklace are special kind of necklaces made up the carbon molecules or other element. They act as a faraday cage due to which the electromagnetic radiation does not interact with your body. Also, you can select from a different design of necklaces, embedded with beautiful pendants. In case, you are suffering from hypersensitivity to radiation necklaces are stylish solution.


It is better to take the precaution as topic of ‘harmful effect of cellphone radiation’ is yet to be concluded, but mixed reviews show that we need to be aware more on this topic. You can also go through many studies and decide for yourselves whether you want an anti-radiation necklace or how do you want to tackle the situation.

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