Use of mobile phones is meteorically growing day by day, statistics shows the number of active mobile phone devices have even crossed human population number. Since the day mobile phones are invented, they are criticized for their radiation emission.

Is EMF protection inevitable? Mobile phones companies often deny that the radiation from mobile phones are harmful to human health or an environment. But to make any decision we should look at counterpart studies, to get more insight.


There have been researches out in the public for discussion regarding the harmful effects of mobile phones radiation on humans and environment. There are studies pointing towards the need of radiation control for mobile phone.

WHO- World Health Organization has considered electromagnetic radiations as ‘possibly carcinogenic’ on the basis of researches that shows long exposure to radiation can lead to glioma, gliomas are related to tumor formation in brain or spine.

Hearing Loss- Some ENT specialists believe that mobile phones direct contact with the ear during talking can result in hearing loss. Many patients have shown a complete loss in hearing, often the cases are related with the people who have to talk for long hours to clients while on the job.  It is believed that radiation and high temperature of mobile phones effects the ear as it is very delicate and sensitive.


The mixed review on topic of use of mobile phones confuses the majority to make any choices, besides the mobile phones are the part of our life. By rejecting the use of mobile phones, you might be safe from radiation but lack the fast pace and efficiency required in modern time.

Using the product designed ranging from necklaces, chips, mobile cover etc. can be a choice. Besides, it is better to have a precaution even if you don’t believe the studies but still before anything gets concluded why not just have peace of mind by using them.

Buy EMF Protection Device online to safeguard yourself and family from harmful EMF Radiations.

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