As the most trusted medical advisory and research organization on the planet, the World Health Organization (WHO) is undoubtedly the most reliable source of medical information for those of us who are living in the west. It should therefore come as a shock to avid cell phone users that the WHO has reported that there may be a link between cell phone use, and brain tumors.

This research was published by the WHO and reported on by news agencies like the BBC in 2011. The studies were conducted in France, and focused on the cell phone use of those in a particular work place, as well as the electromagnetic fields surrounding the area they worked in.  The studies were significant enough for the organization to give cell phones a label on the ‘carcinogenic scale’.

cellphone radiations are harmful

For those who do not know, things that can be carcinogenic are said to be cancer causing. For example, we are all sure that cigarettes are carcinogenic, and can confidently say that they cause cancer. However, there is a scale which is used to rate items in terms of how carcinogenic they are. This scale includes items that are certainly carcinogenic, probably carcinogenic, possibly carcinogenic, not classifiable, or probably not carcinogenic. After completing the study in France and analyzing the findings, the WHO rated cell phones as being “possibly carcinogenic”.

According to researchers, the study concluded that there is most likely a link, but the existing evidence was not strong enough to label cell phones as completely carcinogenic. Although this may not seem too worrying, you must consider the level of research that must be carried out before concluding such things. Studies were performed on tens of thousands of smokers prior to its carcinogenic classification; cell phone studies are in their hundreds, if not dozens. As evidence mounts, it does appear that there is a growing risk of brain tumor development for those who continue to use cell phones on a frequent basis.

Across the world, there are around five billion phone subscriptions. Although the use of phones may not be avoidable for some, there are ways that those who use them can minimize the risks posed. Engaging in energy healing, only using phones when necessary, and turning to other modes of telecommunication can make cell phones an accessible form of technology, without posing the carcinogenic risk.

As the evidence against this means of communicating continues, it is becoming more important than ever to become a conscientious cell phone user. You can buy Cell phone Radiation Protection  and EMF Protectors products from vortex bioshield

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