In the cutting edge technology world, electronic gadgets like laptops, tablets and smart phones all transmit Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF), and to maintain a strategic distance from this low-frequency energy discharge would be unimaginable.

Technically, it is possible to reduce the risks and exposure levels – thanks to science!


Due to the nature of energy, radiation is exponentially stronger the closer you are to it.

Its strength mainly decrease radially as you step away from it. In reference to Physics, it adheres to the inverse-square of law.

The force is proportional to 1/distance squared.

This implies:

  • If you are at a distance of 2 inches from the source, you experience 1/4 the measure of radiation exposure as you would if you had a distance only 1 inch away from it.
  • If you are 4 inches from it, then you experience 1/16 the measure of radiation you would have if you were only 1 inch away.

This is the reason a many mobile phone companies suggest you keep your devices in any event a few inches from your body always.

EMF Radiation Shields Online


To protect yourself from EMF radiation, you can use below 5 highly effective alternatives:

  1. Decrease the amount of sources
  2. Reduce the duration of exposure
  3. Increase distance from sources
  4. Use wired accessories for your devices
  5. Use Anti-Radiation Shield


The more gadgets to use implies more radiation you are exposing yourself. Such a significant number of items and gadgets presently have the capacity to connect with an application through wireless frequencies, and this transmits radiation.

One bee won’t hurt you, however a bee hive can be quite harmful.

Eliminating EMF sources will dispose EMF radiation, so you don’t need to stress over it. While this is the best choice, it is practically difficult to disengage completely.

Regardless of whether you remove all your electronic gadgets, there is still EMF radiation in your surroundings, on account of WiFi hotspot zones, cell phone towers, and individuals around you communicating with wireless data.

These days, it seems impossible to get rid of all the “bees” around you.


It takes time to get effects of Radiation exposure. It is a flow stream of energy that can impact changes on cells unobtrusively after some time. Short exposure may not influence a similar degree of progress on your body as long term exposure would.

Exploit this by turning on your phone just when you need it. Turn your laptop on when you use it. Take break from using your gadgets whenever the situation allows. The more you are exposed to radiation, the more prominent the impact it has on you.


The more you are away from a radiation source, the less exposed you are to its impact. If you need to protect yourself, you should maintain small distance among you and the gadgets of the radiation.

Indeed, even a little increment in space among you and your smart phone, laptop or tablet, and so forth can have a colossal effect. That is due to radiation adheres to the inverse-square law. The laws of physics can’t be defeated!


Wire accessories are at times so irritating, therefore technology has made significant progress, in that everything would now be able to work without a plug-in: wireless computer mouse, earphones, internet, smart phones, speakers and the list move on.

Technically, when you remove the wired connection, radio frequencies are rather being used as an interface for gadgets, and this sends EMF radiation through the air around you, rather than through the small underground wire.

While you create an imagination going back in the past, use of wire accessories will reduce the EMF radiation in your home. It would be good option to use wire keyboards, mouse, earphones, speakers and Ethernet cable for internet rather than WiFi and Bluetooth devices.


It is not impossible to safeguard yourself from EMF radiation from cell phones, laptops, tablets and all other gadgets by using a radiation shield that can direct, absorb and disseminate the radiation between you and EMF radiation source. The amount of anti-radiation shield or type of radiation shield you need to protect against various forms of radiation relies upon level of radiation the source emits.


You have a several alternatives to browse to protect you and your loved ones. If you feel disengaged due to Electromagnetic Radiation exposure, you should to instruct yourself. Find a way to make yourself feel increasingly great.

At last, you choose if it worth shielding yourself from Electromagnetic Radiation exposure. It is completely up to you. You choose what makes you feel safe when encircled by electronic gadgets is so ordinary.

Electromagnetic Radiation is energy. It can have a profound effect on cells over time. Research is still being conducted on a continuous basis to fully grasp the long-term effects of non-ionizing Electromagnetic Radiation exposure. In the interim, we invite you to learn more.

Electromagnetic Radiation is energy and it can profoundly affect cells after some time. Scientific studies are still going on a continuously to completely get an understanding on the drawn out impacts of non-ionizing Electromagnetic Radiation exposure. In the meantime, we welcome you to find out more about anti-radiation shield products by visiting the link:

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